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The Book of Changes, also known as the book of fortune telling or the book of fate, came to us from China. In China, this book is called the book of change I Ching. I Ching was born about 3000 years ago and is perhaps the most ancient and famous type of fortune telling. The foundations of the book of change were laid by the greatest emperor, philosopher and sage Fu Hsi. Initially, this knowledge was used only by the emperors of those times, they used the book of fate when they faced life difficulties and dim situations.

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In the future, such knowledge as I ching fortune telling became available to the common people. Subsequently, I-Ching became one of the pillars of Chinese astrology and medicine. His work Fu Hsi based on Taoist philosophy and the book of change embodies it into essence. The essence of this philosophy is that everything is connected in our world and is part of an ongoing cycle. The Book of Changes consists of 64 hexagrams, each of which is made up of two trigrams Yin and Yang. The upper trigram describes what happens in the heavenly world and the lower trigram in our world. Each of the hexagrams as a whole describes a situation related to the past, present or future, and also gives some kind of advice on what to do and how to behave in different situations.

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